Socorro Island Mexico.

Below is a collection of dive pictures and videos from the Socorro Islands in the Pacific Ocean. The Islands are about 200-300 miles off of the tip of Baja. Our trip was cut short when the Mexican Navy kicked us out of the area on the 3rd day so we finished the trip in the Sea of Cortez. Be sure to check out that link too! (coming soon) We got a free return trip due to our booting so there will be more to come.....

  Check out these short videos...          


Giant Manta Video

Pinnacle Video

Dolphin Video

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This is the second "Island" we went to. It is actually a very tall rock pinnacle whose tip just barely pokes out of the ocean. This is the most remote dive site I have been to so far. There is a full day crossing from the first island and then another day and a half to the mainland.    
This is a ~12 ft Hammerhead Shark that was passing the pinnacle. He came in close to see who we were.    
This is a giant Manta Ray that swam right over me. This one is about 20 ft from wingtip to wingtip. These creatures are so big that they have small schools of fish that swim under them for protection.    
This is a clarion-angelfish.    
A pod of dolphins were playing with another Giant Manta Ray (see video) as we turned the pinnacle.    
This pod of about 8-10 dolphins switched their attention to us briefly. We were a little too slow moving for them so they lost interest and moved on.    

An Electric Ray; about a foot in diameter.


Some finger corral on the rocks of the first island. There are only small patches of coral in this area.

Large schools of fish just hang around the pinnacle.    
A Green Moray Eel.    

Another Giant Manta gliding by.

This is another Hammerhead in the distance. These sharks are actually very timid and rarely get close to noisy divers.    
On the other hand, according to the dive master, the Giant Manta likes to get close to divers and even let you touch their belly. They think you are a cleaner fish.    
This Manta has 2 Remora fish stuck to it.    
This is a forcepsfish.    
A Guineafowl Puffer in its golden stage.    
This Giant Manta swam up under us along the pinnacle wall as we were at our safety stop.    
This is a juvenal King-Angel fish.    
Another Giant Manta cruising above us at the pinnacle    
An octopus hiding in the rock at the first island.    
This is a second Manta that swam up the wall under us during our safety stop. This one was only about 12 feet wide.    
This is a Spotted-Boxfish from the first Island.    
A large Silver Tip Reef shark. This one was about 10 ft long.    
This is a Tiger-Reef-Eel    

This is a shot looking up the side of the pinnacle at a White Tip Reef shark. You can also see the surf on the surface as it crashes against the rock.

These White Tip Reef sharks are a bit unique in that they can rest without moving. Most sharks need to stay in motion all the time to pass water over their gills.    
A close up of a young White Tip.    
A yellow sea Fan    
More White Tip Reef Sharks circling the pinnacle