David Eberhart
Santa Clara, CA 95054
Phone # (650) 520-0460 • E-mail:

Mechanical Design Engineer

Development / Prototyping / Manufacturing

I offer solutions for mechanical and thermal design plus prototyping for: fiber optics, telecom, consumer electronics and fabrication equipment. I am an experienced member of diverse design teams. I own and operate my home based CNC fabrication and molding shop to complement my team’s design work. My areas of expertise include:

• Optical – Mechanical – Electrical integration • Injection molded product design and mold design
• 3D modeling using Solid Works and Pro-E. • F.E.A. analysis including thermal and transients.
• CNC product fabrication and prototyping • Automation and Equipment Design

Objective: To join a progressive team to develop and manufacture next generation and industry leading products of the highest quality and reliability.


David Eberhart Consulting
Sole Proprietor (10/2006 to Present)

• I offer mechanical design, manufacturing management and fast turn prototyping for 10+ clients including: Maskless Lithography, AnDevices Inc, Sanmina Corporation and many more.
• Engineering offerings include: 3D modeling of products, transient & steady state F.E.A. analysis, thermal analysis, product documentation, vendor management and product transfer to manufacturers. I also offer circuit board layout (2 layers with power & ground plane plus text) using “Express PCB” or “PCB 123”.
• My recent main focus of design has been in the areas of: electro-optical product packaging, consumer electronics design, automation and fab equipment design.
• Fabrication offerings include: full 3D machining, mold making, plastic injection molding, vacuum forming, metal casting, welding and sheet metal fabrication.
• Major asset list includes: Solid Works 2008, Haas TM1 machining center with tool changer, Birmingham 3 Axis CNC mill, manual mill, engine lathe with digital readout, 7.5KW electric furnace, 20 ton injection molding press, 52” sheer, 48” sheet metal break, “Visual Mill” 3D tool path software, stereo microscope and Cosmos FEA with thermal (pending).

AnDevices Inc. (continued on as consultant and shareholder)
Manager, Mechanical Design (2/2004 – 1/2/07)

• Managed mechanical design for company product line including: optical train layouts, documentation, thermal analysis, and design for manufacturing for both components and subsystems.
• Mechanical design and development of custom fabrication equipment to support production line.
• Managed and operated CNC machine shop including scheduling production and R&D work flow.
• Hired, trained and managed engineers and technicians
• Transferred product lines to China manufacturing plant. Task included: on site training, equipment transfer, quality assurance and work instruction documentation.
• Product reliability testing to Telcordia 1209 and 1221 standards.
• Coordinated OFC (Optical Fiber Conference) booth design, show samples, shipping, setup and logistics.
• Products developed include: planar waveguide MUX / DEMUX using arrayed waveguides, Optical splitters, tunable optical dispersion compensator (TODC). Variable Optical MUX (VMUX), Integrated optical subsystems and polarization maintaining (PM) devices.

Optinetrics Inc.
(VC company; ran out of funding)
Manager, Mechanical Design and Modeling (4/2003 – 2/2004)
Senior Physical Design Engineer (3/2003-4/2003)

• Mechanical design and fabrication of Optical Triplexer and Optical Power Splitters using Solidworks 3D CAD.
• Management and Training of Packaging Engineer and Assembly Technicians.
• Development of assembly equipment and procedures for active alignment of passive and active fiberoptic components to optical planer waveguides.
• Hermetic packaging processes and prototype fabrication including optical polishing.
• Generated all physical design drawings, specifications and work instructions.
• Setup and operated: K&S semi-automatic ball wire bonder, Pyramid parallel seam sealer, manual mill, Logitech polishing and lapping machines, Burleigh optical alignment system, Newport Optical Auto Aligner.

Digilens Inc. (VC company; ran out of funding)

Physical Design Engineer (10/2001- 2/2003)
Process Engineer (6/2001-10/2001)

Physical: design, fabrication and verification of company DGE (Optical Dynamic Gain Equalizer) products.
• Design of several hermetic packages for Optical planar Waveguide DGE incorporating HTCC ceramic PCBs.
• Performed thermal analysis using Labview test setups and Cosmos Works FEA to evaluate thermal isolation, heat dissipation and CTE induced stress.
• Designed and prototyped all optical DGE modules incorporating the hermetic components, mechanical and electronic systems and fiber management into industry leading modules.
• Design & Layout of flex circuits, simple test PCBs and analog temperature controller circuit.
• Generated all physical design drawings, specifications and work instructions.
• Design and manufacture of rubber injection molds for prototyping.

Process work includes:
• Optical PLC characterization using high NA optical fiber alignment station with Labview. Design and manufacture of electrical probe card fixtures for high-density pre-wirebond device characterization, optical fiber array manufacture for test system. Managed and operated K&S wedge wire bonder. Managed and assembled hermetic component and final module.

Photonic Integration Research Inc. "PIRI". (1995-6/2001) (acquired by JDS Uniphase)

Senior Engineer, Physical Design (1998-6/2001)

• Created the product mechanical Design group, 6 people. Gained interviewing training and experience.
• Provided training, management, design philosophy and continuing education to our highly motivated team.
• Developed leading Belcore Compliant physical designs for Optical: AWGs, FDMs, WDMs, VOA Arrays, Thermal Optic Switch, SM & PM Power Splitters and VMUX.
• Proficient in transient & steady state finite element analysis: thermal, stress, strain and vibration.
• Performed mechanical - optical - electrical integration: internal temperature controllers, wire bonding, rack components and front panel layout / interface.
• Managed all product physical designs, several new/week and ongoing and all physical R+D projects.
• Developed company wide intranet for fast electronic distribution of drawings with BOM and work instruction to specific operator workstations. Automated drawing generation.
• Implemented “Design for Manufacturing” in high volume product lines such as: snap joints, integrated flex circuits, plastic and RTV molding techniques, metal casting, automated tool path generation, evolutionary CAD techniques, part standardization and reduction, injection mold design and in-house mold making.

Failure Analysis Technician (1997-1999)
• Analyzed failed devices with optical test equipment for failure modes and present weekly reports.
• Identified problems in the manufacturing line and suggest immediate corrective action.
• Developed Failure Analysis department by recruiting and training.

Polishing Technician (1995-1997)

The Ohio State University Hospitals (1993-1995)
Patient Transporter
• Responsibilities included: Transport patients (including intensive care), train transporters, deliver medications, transport ER traumas and respond to “Code Blue” emergencies.
• Training in human interaction: keeping patients calm, working with psychiatric patients.
• Operated IV pumps, read heart monitors, respiration, gen. medical equip., MRI & CAT SCAN assistance.


The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio B.S. Mechanical Engineer, 1998

Continuing Development: Mellis Griot Optical fiber attach training, ISO 9000 Internal Auditor, interviewing Training, Several OFC courses related to Optical design, Surfcam on sight training, machining apprenticeship.

Honors and Activities

• Annual guest lecturer, Yale School of Architecture. "CAD Practices and Engineering Case Study."
• Award for “Excellence in thermal, package design and electrical interconnect”. SDL VMUX (Nov. 2000)
• Boy Scouts of America, Eagle Scout

Personal Interest:
• Car Restoration: engine rebuild, body work, arc welding, electrical, painting.
• SCUBA certified: SSI.& YMCA “Advanced Open Water Diver” TDI “Mixed gas certified”

References: Upon Request