The Koala Pipe, Waikiki Beach Hawaii.

I dove this site 3 time. (because the boat kept going there) one was a night dive which was cool. The pipe was an old sewer pipe dumping about 65 feet under the ocean. Now, long out of use, it is a nice artificial coral reef.

Shot of activity on the boat as divers get ready to go in. One of 2 sea turtles that were coming up for air as we got ready to go down.

An Achilles Tang

2 four spot butterflyfish
2 yellow tangs and 2 squirrelfish. 2 Spotted Puffers.
Slate Pencil Urchin. Triggerfish
Trumpet fish. The end of the pipe @ 65 feet

Back on the surface, my buddy (air hog) pulling off his fins.