Monterey, California

Below is a collection of pictures I have taken in Monterey California over the last couple of years. I'm sure as I dive more in this area I will be continually updating this page. Enjoy.

You can click on the pictures to open a larger version

This is a picture of the Kelp forest in the Point Lobos nature reserve.  
This is a baby Pacific Octopus that we saw on a night dive at the dive site "Breakwater" which is right next to downtown Monterey. He is about 5 inches in size.  
This is an anemone from Breakwater as well. The most common type you will see in the area.  
This is a red anemone. These are more common on the southern end of Monterey.  
These are Metridiums, or large white anemones. They typically get 2-3 feet long. There are a few places where these metridiums grow on rock outcroppings in large underwater fields.  
This green anemone was found at the dive site "Coral Street".  
And now, the Nudibranchs. There are an endless variety of these very colorful sea slugs in Monterey. They are poisonous because they eat sea anemones, which are also poisonous. Below are several types that I have spotted in the area.    
This is a Catalina-Triopha nudibranch. It is about 3 inches long and was found in the metridium fields of Monterey.
Anisodoris-Nobilis; in the "Dorid" group. Most of these dorids have a white plum that looks like feathers.  
Me on the dive boat during the night dive    
2 Phyllidiopsis-blanca dorids.  
2 San Diego Dorids and their egg sack to the left. The egg sack looks like a white rose from the front.  
A Sea-lemon Dorid. Not sure what the exact species is on this one.  
This is a Spanish shaw nudibranch found off Machabee beach in downtown Monterey.  
This is an "Egg Drop" jelly fish (from below) found off Monastery Beach. It is called this because it looks like a poached egg in boiling water.  
This is another Jelly found at Coral street  
More kelp shot at coral street