Cozumel Mexico.

Below is an entire collection of dive pictures and videos of Cozumel Mexico!



Jelly Fish Videos

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Dive Videos


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This is a shot of a diver over the reef.    
This is a shot of an octopus on the move during a night dive. Can you see the 2 Coral Banded Shrimp?    
This is a Jelly fish with a lot of bioluminescence. It is hard to capture on film in day light, but this jelly fish has cascading rainbow colors running up and down it's body. If we saw it at night it would be very bright with color in the water.    
This is an Arrow Crab sitting on some interesting coral    
A baby Barracuda fish, about 2 feet long    

An underwater sea scape of a large coral outcropping


This is Box Fish during a night dive. Like most tropical fish, their color completely changes at night

Another sea scape    
My dive buddy, Domini waiting for me on the other side of a cave    

A fish hiding in the reef

This is a Jaw Fish. They always hover half way out of their hole. When anyone comes by they slowly drop into their lair until you pass.    
This is a Spiny Lobster to the left and an Arrow Crab to the right.    
This is a 6ft Nurse Shark grazing along side the reef.    
This is a Queen angle fish and several Boxfish hanging around a sponge.    
A tropical sea anemone.    
A Spotted Sting Ray under an outcropping.    
This is a shot of some coral looking over a wall.    
A Rock Beauty    
Several sea fans looking over a wall    
This is a Sea Salp (I think) It is a type of jelly fish that I saw on a night dive.    
This is a Sea Horse. Normally you see them in more cover holding onto a stalk or coral with their tail. They act dead when they see someone come.    
This is a Spotted Eagle Ray that I saw swimming in the distance. He was about 3-4 ft wingtip to wingtip.    
This is a Toad fish that I saw on a night dive. Normally during the day you only see their face poking out of a hole waiting to snatch a passing fish.    

This is a shot of some divers swimming along a wall on the outer reef.

A star fish in the coral.    
Another jelly in the mid-water    
A turtle cruising around    
This is a Yellow Damsel fish. These fish are hard to shoot because they are so hyper and won't stand still. I took about 10 pictures to get this one good one!