Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

I spent 5 days in Cabo San Lucas Mexico the last week in September 2004. We dove primarily on the site called Lands End. This is the point where the Sea of Cortez meets the Pacific Ocean. Below are pictures I took with my home made underwater camera.



This is the dive site "Lands End"


This is a small school of Barber fish.

A 5ft White Tip Reef Shark cruising around below.    
A Porcupine fish swimming outside of a large school.    
A fellow diver in the distance.    
A Green Moray Eel grabbing a quick snack.    
This is a Jeweled Moray Eel with some red Christmas tree worms above his lair.    

All of "Lands End" is full of Sea life; some of the most dense and varied I have seen!


A Giant Tuna.

This 6ft long fish was very entertaining. He and a sea lion on the surface were responsible for corralling a huge school of fish into a massive defensive fluid school ( a "feeding ball").

That tuna (center) would charge into this amorphous fish blob at full speed from the edge of viability. The school would then open a pocket around him. He would either pick off a few or stop instantly and look around like some ragging bull.    
While the tuna was doing his thing, there was also a sea lion diving from the surface hunting, and thus, also shaping the school. My buddy and I made up the 3rd side of this fish formation.    

I couldn't get a clear shot of the sea lion because he seemed to be even faster than the Giant Tuna. Furthermore, as he dove , the fish would go charging past us, forming a pocket around us too. You can start to get a sense of vertigo from all the activity.

This school was so large that it encompassed the entire field of visibility.    
A smaller school on the Sea of Cortez side of Lands End    
A Hawkfish hangs out on the bottom. cave onto a sand bed    
2 King Angel fish    
A Moorish Idol    
2 Needle fish. I shot these fish as they swam over an underwater sand stream. The sand flowed (fell) down the bottom toward a "Sand Fall"    
This is a shot of the top of the "Sand Fall" At this spot, the sand flows down a slope to this cliff edge, (85 ft down) where it falls over the edge into an abyssal plain like a water fall. There are deep currents that, somehow, bring the sand up from the bottom and redeposit it on the Pacific side of the point. This is an endless cycle creating this underwater sand fall. This shot isn't the best due to all the stirred up sand.    
This is an underwater high current water shoot (for lack of a better term). This 15 ft wide water ride is between 2 pinnacle right at the point. The currents created here between the ocean and the sea create a water jet. when you get close enough, the surge sucks you in and shoots you from the Sea of Cortez side to the Pacific side.    
This is a shipwreck at the base of the last pinnacle on the pacific side. You are looking a the top of the bow. most of the ship is completely covered by the sand.he edge of a wall    
This is a Guineafowl Puffer fish.    


This is shot of an octopus. You can see some suckers and his eyes. These Octopus can change the color and pattern of there skin to perfectly blend into the reef in less than a second. My dive buddy found this one first and was pointing right at him but I didn't see him from 2 feet away until he panicked. His entire 2 ft body flashed pure white for about a second as he darted into the hole he is in now. ( when I took this picture his camo wasn't full repainted yet)

My dive buddy in a school of Sergeant Major fish. There is also a Needle fish in the top corner    
A Yellowtail Surgeonfishast the boats mooring.    
A school of Blue and Gold Snapper