Big Sur, California
In June, 2004 I took a charter boat, the Escapade, out off the coast of Big Sur and Carmel California to do some off shore diving. The sea was a bit rough that day with ~10 ft waves (outside the coves) and the water was COLD , about 54 above and 48 below. The terrain was primarily pinnacles with some kelp forests. On the boat we could see Blue whales surfacing and spouting a few hundred yards away, didn't hear them under water unfortunately. anyway this is what I saw.....    
Blue Rockfish swimming around in a kelp bed  
Large fields of Strawberry Anemones and plant life cover the pinnacles off Big Sur  
A jelly fish about this size of my fist floats by. It was probably caught in an up welling from the deep.  
Hydro corals grow all around the area away from the coastline. A purple ringed top shell snail sits on top.  
The white spotted rose anemone resides on the outer reef.  
Some sort of nudibranchs (a type of sea snail) not sure which one yet, the varieties are endless.
Feather duster worms sift the water with their feathers for food.  
Me on the dive boat during the night dive    
A large school of Blue Rock fish, hanging out in the kelp.  
A red star fish and a Sea Lemon nudibranch to the left.