Belize Aggressor Live Aboard Boat.

During the week of March 21 2004 my friend Domin and I spent a week on the live aboard dive boat "Belize Aggressor III" I did 24 dives off the islands around Belize in the Caribbean. These are pictures I took with my home made underwater camera. 90% of these shots are from me.



This is the boat we stayed on for the week, The
Belize Aggressor III.


Shot of 2 divers swimming along a "wall", an underwater cliff into an abyssal plane.

A school of yellow tail swimming in a circle    
2 banded coral shrimp in a sponge    
A 3-4 ft Barracuda blocking the entrance of a swim through cave. It wouldn't move out of the way.    
A shot of the "Blue Hole" from the air. (National Geographic). we dove on the left entrance edge. The blue hole was an underground cave that collapsed when the ocean raised millions of years ago. It is~1000 ft across and 400ft deep.    
This is a shot under the ledge where the roof of the cave collapsed. You can see the light from the surface, but below, it was completely dark. We were at the twilight point where the light was almost completely absorbed by the 130ft of water above us.    

This is me taking the picture above. this was a big test for my home made camera housing. It held up under ~50psi of pressure or 139 Feet. I am between 2 of the ancient stalactites on the roof of the cave from when it was a dry cave. the cave floor is another 300 ft below.


A young coral head

A pod of dolphins raced the boat as we went to the next dive site.    
A spotted Moray Eel.    

Can you see the fish in this picture? A clue: it is a flounder and takes up about 1/2 of the frame..

the eyes are...

<<< here, in the middle of the picture.

A French Angel Fish    
School of fish next to a large sponge    
Looking out of a small sea cave onto a sand bed    
Elkhorn coral    
A sting ray is stirred up during a night dive    
An octopus I saw feeding on a night dive. He surrounds a coral head or a rock with his enveloping body. Then, with his tentacles, he pokes out all the fish hiding inside.    
Looking over the edge of a wall into an abyssal plane.    
A Queen Angle Fish    
A large school of fish at the edge of a wall    
Juvenal wras swimming in a Sea Fan    


Several types of sponge

A squid shoot on a night dive.    
A ray swimming past the boats mooring.    
a large tarpon fish ~4 Ft long.    
My dive buddy Domini swimming along a wall. To the left its about 2000 ft deep.    
A coral head with fish and sponges.    
At 15 ft there is a triangle hanging off the boat to do your 5 minute decompression stop.    
Under the boat there is always a large school of fish. There is also a large school of small brown jelly fish at the ladders.    
See you on the next dive!