Bimini, Bahamas.

Domini and I spent a week on the live-aboard sail boat "Morning Star"; part of the Black beard Fleet. We did a week of diving around the island of Bimini in the Bahamas over Christmas Break 2004. Bimini is about 50 miles East of Miami Florida. These are the pictures I took with my underwater camera.


This is our boat at the port of Bimini. One of the smallest and most remote islands in the Bahamas.


There seams to be only 2 ways to get to Bimini, either passing the straits of Florida on a boat and loosing your lunch or taking a sea plane like this one. This plane landed about 50 feet from our boat as it was under sail.

These are some of the divers that were on the boat with us.    
This is "Fido" a 5 ft Nurse shark that was hanging around on the shark feeding dive we went on.    
This is a shot of several types of sharks feeding on the "Shark Kabob", a bunch of Barracuda fish caught on the trip strung together on a steel chain. The Kabob was then lowered down to the divers from a dingy. The sharks went into a feeding frenzy about 20-30 ft away from the divers. You could hear the chains clank as the sharks bit off the fish. They also stirred up the sand so the viability dropped a bit.    
2Gray reef sharks, about 6-7ft, swimming around after the shark feeding. You can see a change in their behavior after they are done feeding.    
This is a 6-7 ft Black Tip Reef shark swimming right in front of me.    

Another gray reef shark swimming under me.


This is the same shark swimming over another diver hunkered down in the reef.

This is a cleaner station. the little yellow "Cleaner fish" set up a station where larger fish, like this Banded Butterfly Fish, stop in to get cleaned. They pick off all the little parasites on the bigger fish including inside their mouth and in their gills.    
A Blue Chromis    

This is a King Helmet cruising along the bottom on a night dive. He is a type of gastropod or large snail about 5 inches long.

This is a large Pillar coral head    
There is a diver going through a small cave below. You can see their bubbles percolating up through the rocks from the cave.    
This is a large spotted moray eel and a Blue Tang.    
Several Christmas tree worms living in a coral head. They retract when you get too close.    
This is a Feather Duster Worm with a Fairy Basslet fish next to it.    
These are 3 Flamingo Tongues. They are a type of sea snail or Gastropod. They are actually eating the purple branch coral (Gorgonians)    
This is a large French Angle fish, about a foot long. This guy followed us around and was trying to eat our bubbles.    
This is a Porcupine Fish    
This is a 3ft diameter Southern Stingray    
This is a shot of a coral reef    


More reef loaded with fish

This is a large school of fish with a Black Durgon Trigger fish in the middle.    
2 Four Eye Butterfly Fish. You always see these fish swimming around in pairs.    

This is another mystery fish...
Can you see it? It takes up the middle vertical 3rd of the picture and it's tail curves to the bottom right.

It is a Scorpion Fish and is very poisonous. Just another reason not to touch the reef.


This shot is looking up to the surface to see the sharks and other fish roaming around in the mid-water .    
This was the last picture I took on the Shark feeding dive. The people on the boat insisted that you take your fins off way back from the boat ladder as you hold onto a line. So, while you are thrashing about on the surface to do this, you see these guys circling right below you. Fortunately, they were un aggressive reef sharks...