The YO-257 Tanker , Waikiki Beach Hawaii.

This was my first dive in Oahu. It is about 1 mile off the coast in 110 feet of water. Domini and I went out with our dive master Bill Keen on a dive boat with others. I went out a second time the next day.

The boat, 110 feet long, was sunk in 1989 as an artificial reef. Back in its day it was a Navy oil tanker. Many of these shots were taken by Bill since my plastic camera couldn't hold up under the pressure.

Shot of divers dropping down the buoy line to the ship deck 100 ft below. We pass Schools of fish:Domino Damsels, Lemon Butterfly fish etc. on the way down.

Shot of the tankers wheel house taken over the top deck.

Domini and I holding onto the top deck, fighting the 3 knot current.
Sea Turtle sitting on the deck , me in the background. Looking through a porthole from the outside.
Arc-Eye Hawkfish in coral. Hydroids grow on the side of the ship.
Me on the up-current side of the ship @ 95 feet. Spotted Moray Eel

Frog fish