Sea of Cortez, Mexico.

Below is a collection of dive pictures and videos from the Sea of Cortez. Our dive boat went here after we got the boot from the Socorro Islands by the Mexican Navy in October 2005.

  Check out these short videos...          


Sea of Cortez Video

Sea Lion Dive

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This is a Sea Lion diving on a large school of fish.    
These are a few Blue Chromis Fish    
This Guy is a juvenal Sea Lion Pup who was very playful. See the video....    
He actually tried to Take the mask from our dive buddy Ian.    
More shots at play    
He kept swimming around trying to get us to play at his speed.    

Domini taking a picture in a school of Surgeon fish.


This is a colorful Juvenal fish.

Our dive group in an under water valley that makes an arch above the water.    
2 Sergeant major fish guarding their eggs. The purple patch is thousands of small fish eggs. These fish are in their aggressive coloring as they fight off scavengers.    

A jeweled Moray eel

This is a King Angle fish and a Surgeon fish in the background.    
We came across a school of Puffer fish. This is the first time I have ever seen this. Puffer fish are usually solitary fish hiding in the reef.    
This is a large school of King Angel fish and small Scissor Tail Damsel fish    
Not sure what this fish is called. There was tons of this green coral in small patches.    
A large school of Anchovies (I think)    
This is the prop of a cargo ship that went down after scraping bottom on a shallow reef 100 meters away.    
This is a Zebra Moray eel    
An underwater seascape    
This is a Snow flake eel. I had one of these as a pet a long time ago.    
Another seascape    
A sting ray, about 16 inches in diameter.    
This is the bottom of a semi trailer that fell off the top of that shipwreck    
This is a little valley full of green sea fans    

This is a Yellow Tail Surgeon fish